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After School Program



Neighborhood Tennis aims to promote the education of tennis to schools and communities. Our dedication is focused on introducing tennis to children from the base, guiding them to develop the ability to play with proper strategies, while sharing our love for the sport.


We wish to inspire kids to appreciate the fun of the game, and guide them through recreational competitions, developing goals and helping them challenge themselves. We introduce tennis as an individual sport in a group environment, in order to promote team spirit and allow students to connect with each other. Collaboration helps students to strive for their best during tennis practice. Neighborhood Tennis mentors kids to become self-disciplined, motivated, and active individuals for the future. 


Our ultimate goal is to create a tennis culture inside of the school, where we can provide the right tools for children to become tennis players at any level.


To achieve this, we partner with various schools around Miami, and provide them with:

  • Certified coaches
  • Lesson Plans
  • Size-appropriate equipment, including balls, nets, cones, spots, etc
  • Tennis uniforms



To learn more or request a quote, please email us at [email protected]


PE Tennis


Neighborhood Tennis also offers Physical Education Tennis for schools in the Miami area.


Physical Education Tennis is an introductory physical education class on the fundamentals of tennis. This class will cover proper footwork, stroke technique, ball control, strategy, scoring, and theory.


Tennis develops confidence, increases focus and strengthens the athletic foundation to easily transition into other sports. It encourages exercise as an integral part in the development of a healthy child.


The one-hour tennis class provides an intense cardio workout designed to be as mentally and physically engaging. The class is focused on learning by having fun, using dynamic exercises and games designed to build tennis players.


We offer size-appropriate balls, racquets, and nets to make the sport easy to enjoy at any age. 




If your school is interested in this program, please contact us at [email protected]